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Gifting to the First Troop Philadelphia City Cavalry

The history of generous support to the First Troop Philadelphia City Cavalry began at its founding in 1774. The generosity of member, family and friends has helped the Troop achieve its reputation for excellence. In order to maintain our position among the finest military organizations in the nation, we must continue to secure our financial base.

There are two categories of funds at The First City Troop. Annual Giving and gifts to endowment and capital projects. Together they provide sustenance for the day-to-day operations of the Troop all current equestrian programs, the outfitting of new Troopers in uniforms, helmets and boots, annual functions and of course our museum.

Annual Giving is one of the Troop’s first priority, providing critical support to the Troop’s operating budget by offsetting expenses not covered by the donation of our Soldier’s pay and endowment income. Annual Giving directly and immediately benefits our Soldiers in Iraq, their families left behind, the museum, in addition to every area of our calendar year.

Capital and endowment projects are initiated and prioritized by the endowment committee along with the Officers of the Troop and may be designated to financially aid, the museum, equestrian programs, the armory buildin, and other projects.

There are many ways to make a gift. For the majority of donors, a personal check is the easiest method. We encourage you to make a gift or pledge online. Alternatively, there are distinct tax advantages to making a gift of appreciated securities. Real estate, tangible personal property, life insurance and retirement plans, life income gifts, trusts and bequests, fall under the umbrella of Planned Giving. All gifts to the First Troop Philadelphia City Cavalry offer the donor varying degrees of financial and personal benefit. We ask you to consult with your personal legal or financial advisor to select the best choice for your particular situation.

There is a long history of giving at the First Troop Philadelphia City Cavalry – a tradition that is designed to ensure that the First City Troop is equipped to uphold its historic mission and service to the state of Pennsylvania and the United States. Thank you for helping to keep that tradition alive.

Endowment Funds

Endowment funds play an important role in the First City Troop’s overall development program. With gifts of this kind, the principal in invested and the income is restricted to a specific need. The Funds are vital in balancing the Troop’s budget and maintaining the Troops margin of excellence. The annual income from these funds enriches the overall programs and provides for specific needs of the Troop.

Restricted Gifts: These are active funds to which contributions may be made at any time. We ask you to consider your support of these funds in addition to your support of the Annual Giving program.

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